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The World Health Organisation recognized obesity as a serious illness so we decided to consider ways to combat it’s spread and effects.

This is how we came across D-Psicose, which is a non-toxic rare sugar and a sweetener with several measurable health effects. Currently, its industrial production is based on purification from organic matter or on epimerization of more common sugars but it remains difficult and expensive.

To improve the bioproduction process, we decided to construct a biosensor to screen the best epimerase for the conversion of Fructose into Psicose and corroborate the fluorescence quantifications with HPLC measurements.

To be efficient any bioproduction process requires screening of the most efficient enzyme(s).

We are bringing to iGEM a new enzyme screening process based on biosensors, which, in the presence of the compound of interest, emit a fluorescent signal and can be used to identify the enzyme that gives the optimal production.

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